Individualized, Evidence-Based Instruction

Accelerated Learning Lab uses scientifically-proven instructional methods to maximize a student's academic learning. Our methods include behavioral fluency, Direct Instruction, and Precision Teaching. Our individualized instruction accelerates all students’ learning potential.

Fluency is the difference.

Fluency is the ability to engage in a behavior effortlessly and with accuracy. For example, riding a bike, an accountant’s ability to complete a mathematical computation in their head, driving a car, or a newspaper editor reading an article. All of these individuals perform their skill without hesitation and with near perfection. Fluency can be found in academics as well! The Lab’s teaching methods are excellent at building academic performance to these high standards of fluency.


Explicit teaching through Direct Instruction.

Direct Instruction (DI) has 30 years of empirical support of outperforming traditional teaching approaches. DI uses carefully-planned, explicit instructional lessons. Our students are placed in instructional sequences that match their current skill levels and Direct Instruction programs are highly structured to ensure mastery of content. Our instructional methods are modified to accommodate each student’s rate of learning as reinforcement and praise are provided across all learning opportunities.