How is the Lab different?

Accelerated Learning Lab's team develops individualized instruction for each of our students. We start with a thorough academic assessment to determine your student’s needs, then we break down evidence-based curricula into the manageable steps. Each step is then taught to fluency and mastery with individualized interventions and daily progress monitoring.

Our instruction is based in learning theory and Precision Teaching, which allows us to constantly monitor your student’s learning, modify and intervene quickly, and introduce new material as soon as material is mastered to fluency.


Our Approach vs. Traditional Educational Methods

The current educational system has failed our children in multiple ways.  Unfortunately, the educational system rarely uses evidence based curricula and instructional methods while assuming students have mastered pre-requisite skills taught in previous grades. Moreover, teachers do not have the time to modify teaching material or approaches to each student's needs nor resources to provide immediate, individualized feedback during instructional time. Finally, the current educational system only measures progress during standardized assessments rather than using systematic measurement of each student's academic progress on a daily basis.


Let the Lab break the cycle!

Our individualized instruction accelerates all students’ learning potential. Contact us to learn how to increase your child's academic performance by one grade level in 40 hours of intensive individualized instruction at the Lab.